Social Media master Ksaveras Jancauskas to take a turn towards Bollywood

Social Media master Ksaveras Jancauskas to take a turn towards Bollywood

The social media game changer Ksaveras Jancauskas who shook the Instagram world with his kind boggling posts and social media strategies has planned to take a tour and try spreading his charm in the Bollywood show bizz.

That’s right a birdie informed us about Ksaveras signing a well renowned banner for his Bollywood debut. The actor/ digital entrepreneur is in full swing and is all ready to explore the b’town world.

Ksaveras is a trained actor also knowing a number of dance forms. Being a social media addict Ksaveras already has a strong fan base. His posts and pictures are followed and are highly inspired by his fans.

In order to make a mark in the Bollywood industry Ksaveras also has learnt theatre with having eminence voice modulation practice and getting a grip on his acting skills, polishing them for the best.

Extracting emmence fame and fan fam from his Instagram Ksaveras is all geared up for his upcoming projects in the pipeline and will soon be revealing about the same. His sharp attitude, charisma and catchy sense of humour has already taken over the B’town world creating cahoots about his debut and soon will be getting on the big screen making his fans proud with his jaw dropping performance.

Surely Ksaveras fans couldn’t wait to witness him on the big screen with this handsome slaying millions of hearts with his terrific performance and refined acting.

Apart from acting and Instagram interest Ksaveras also loves travelling. Having wanderlust Ksaveras has been to a number of destinations and soon will be travelling outdoor for his upcoming shoots fulfilling his passion for travelling and work together.

The shoot of the untitled project will be starting later this year having to share the screen with a renowned starcast under an ace production house.

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