Ace Fashion and Lifestyle influencer Gaurav Gaikwad becomes the top blogger of the country

Ace Fashion and Lifestyle influencer Gaurav Gaikwad becomes the top blogger of the country

Gaurav Gaikwad an Indian fashion and lifestyle influencer who is well renowned for his Fashion and Lifestyle subjects has taken over the Internet with his sensational ideas and content generating immediate individual attention.

Gaurav Gaikwad a self made content creator and Blogger has worked with a number of well renowned brands has also been a part of a number of commercial ad-shoots. He has proved himself in the blogging world with his amazing insta posts and fabulous communication skills.

Gaurav’s blogging site is considered to be one of the fastest growing blog, reaching the mass, making him a well renowned name in the blogging world also his Fashion and Lifestyle subjects is a treat for the blogger having the same forte.

Gaurav is a commendable name in the Instagram world booming his skills and powerful social media techs @thegauravgaikwad. Gaurav has collaborated with a number of brands such as Myntra, Samsung, Digitech, Voylaa and many more.

He also has collaborated with a number of international brands like Aliexpress, Times & company, Michael Louis, Nexford Uni and many more.

He is extremely passionate about his work which made him earn from rs 500 to rs 2 lakhs a month just at the age of 18 being one of the most youngest and successful blogger of the nation.

Gaurav has also contributed in working towards getting the Indian fashion industry changing peoples thoughts and creating an awareness amongst people about the changing trends and getting latest fashion ideas spreading amongst people. It would also come as a surprise to all that Gaurav Gaikwad will be the only Indian Influencer.

Gaurav Gaikwad also has a craze for participating in various reality shows him being a huge fan of roadies. His future plans are to launch his own website in where people can blog and earn money.

When asked about the same Gaurav quotes “Never compromise with your passion , you never know what it will bring up to you in future “

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