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Mokshita Raghav is making her presence felt in Bollywood


Ah, to be thriving, talented and famous. Bollywood and web series in India are places where you see many talented people of largely different ages. We will focus on the young actress of Bollywood who is buzzing with her gorgeous looks and solid acting in web series. She is the young, beautiful and promising actress of Bollywood Sonia Raghav widely famous as Mokshita Raghav in industry and social media platforms.

Bollywood is invariably looking for new faces from TV shows and web series or just out of nowhere, bounding all approved stages that a movie star should go through. This method never stops, leaving some actors back and making others world-famous.

The Indian film industry has many actresses who have already made a name for themselves quickly. Still, they have much more ahead in the coming years due to talent they possess and looks which can win the hearts of millions in India and abroad.

We chose Mokshita Raghav as the top young actress in this article for many reasons. She is not only gorgeous and looks-wise, but she is very, very good at acting. We feel she has a slight edge over other young actresses because of her looks and acting skills.

Like many, she started her career as a model and gained attention and roles in web series and offers from B-town. Her native is Uttar Pradesh Khurja. This stunningly beautiful actress Mokshita Raghav is a National level Basketball player, and she also has NCC certificate with her. Wow, athleticism comes naturally in her.

Mokshita is also a fantastic dancer; her hot moves make her a complete package like Katrina Kaif and other lead actresses for movies.

Besides acting in free time, she loves to travel and explore new places, and enjoy some time alone with family and friends. As we all know, Bollywood is a dream destination for many, and she is right there, and we will see her many movies in Bollywood playing lead roles under top banners.

Till now Mokshita Raghav has done many projects in which she got appreciation for her acting in Contract Killer and few other movies.


Raine Chawla has proved her mettle not only in acting but also in the world of fashion


“There will be obstacles. There will be doubters. There will be mistakes. But with hard work, there are no limits.” Adhered to these lines, actor and social influencer Raine Chawla grabbed the eyeballs of millions gradually but eventually.

Raine has proved her mettle not only in acting but also in the world of fashion. Her talent was recognized by National Award Winner Actor Bobby Simha who praised her work when he shared the screen with her in an album.

From Kollywood to the Indian film industry, Raine has proven her versatility and has become a home name now. With a few of the noted projects in the offing, she is all set to slay the glamour world.

Sources close to Raine have revealed that the actress is in talks with few director biggies in Bollywood and she has something in her pouch for fans. When asked Raine about the same, she said, “It would be too early to reveal but yes a noted Bollywood director approached me for his upcoming project. We are in talks and something fruitful will come out soon.”

When asked to shed some more light on it, she said, “It would be too early to reveal. Let the time come and let things come on paper. It is on the initial stages as if now.”

Raine is also in talks for a web series and she is quite excited about it. She feels, “Web series are the latest trend in the industry. It would be an awesome experience for me to be a part of it.”

When asked why web series, she said, “Web Series are new trend in India. People now love see things on their mobiles rather than watching it on TV. This is the reason why mainstream directors and actors from cinema and television are shifting to web series.”

Apart from acting, Raine Chawla also is into influencer marketing. She has already teamed up with ace photographer Supriyo Nath. The Delhi-based photographer has worked with some of top models in India including Manushi Chillar, actresses Rakul Preet and Urvashi Rautela.

Raine has revealed that he is willing to team up with her on a fresh project.

Despite, having so much work in her kitty, Raine never disappoints her fans on social media. She has a huge fan following on Instagram and she makes sure to interact to them from time and again. She has not only won the hearts of her fans with her acting but has also inspired the budding and aspiring actresses.

Looking at Spirituality with Trishna Prakash Samat from her book Trishna’s Castle


It is said – “You can always edit a bad page but you can never edit a ‘blank page’.” These words are an epitome to Trishna Prakash Samat, who has a writer’s soul, with a strong belief that a true book will find its audience itself.

Trishna is now a big name in the field of creativity as after success of her first book ‘Taaje Sapne’, that received a tremendous response from the readers, her short film – Meri Khoj Mere Haath, has garnered her much deserving accolades from the fraternity as well as the audiences.

She was not only praised for her acting in the short film but Trishna also grabbed eyeballs for the film’s story that revolved around women empowerment. The short film, released on ErosNow App, was written and produced by the actress herself.

An author, actor, speaker, storyteller and influencer are few among the many traits Trishna boasts but above all, not many of us are aware that the actress is much into spiritual wellbeing and she is now more inclined towards working for a serious issue pertaining to mental health.

She is setting up her own office in Mumbai’s Andheri West, where she will work under her own brand name ‘Trishna’s Castle’. Shedding more light about the idea behind it, Trishna said, “All these years, I met a lot of the people who got inspired by my words and I, fortunately, became a reason behind bringing a change in their lives. I felt gifted and I want to spread this magic of spiritualism among the people who lose hope.”

Speaking further, she said, “I have decided that I must build a platform where people in need of mental support and guidance can easily approach me out of their free will. I have expanded my capabilities to reach this pivotal level so that I can serve better.”

Under her brand Trishna’s Castle, actress has planned to introduce her website which will have a rich content including Audiobook, E-Book, motivational videos, and E-course for personal transformation.

Apart from this, she is also coming up with her new book based on her personal life and her journey towards spirituality. Trishna believes that fear of losing is always meager than the excitement of winning and hence, she tries everything she believes in.

She also has thousands of followers on her social media accounts who always get motivated with Trishna’s success mantras. She keeps on interacting with her fans despite having a tight schedule.

A strong believer of the lines that don’t dream of success, instead work hard to achieve it, Trishna Prakash Samat is surely an inspiration for several budding actors and writers who lose hope watching the struggle in the film industry. From filmmaker Prakash Jha, politico prodigy Nitin Gadkari, singing sensation Guru Randhawa to actor Sharad Kelkar, the industry giants have all praises for the actress due to her impeccable talent.

Amer Kamra : A dashing Hammer Beast with invincible attitude towards life


In the world of bikini and physique competitors, AMER KAMRA is the go-to guy. His signature “look” for both categories has won his athletes more hardware than a Home Depot and is responsible for coaching dozens of athletes to the coveted Pro Status in the bodybuilding world .⁣

Regardless of where he puts his energy, AMER KAMRA has the Midas touch. He is the owner of an online fitness brand Hammer Fitness and is a motivational speaker and owner of a top 100 podcast on iTunes The Mind Builder.⁣
“When the world went into a global lockdown the first time in March 2020 and shows were suddenly cancelled, I saw more than 50% of my business evaporate overnight.” Kamra shares. “I have employees and responsibilities, I couldn’t just sit by and watch 8 years of hard work just go to dust.”⁣
As any smart entrepreneur does he capitalized on a new organic demand. With gyms shutting down, people working from home, and the power of social media and the Ethernet he went back to “work”.⁣
His logic was simple. There will be hundreds of thousands of people around the world needing online guidance to manage their stress, poor eating, and health. Not to mention start losing those dreaded extra pounds that people can’t seem to shed on their own. Not everyone will have the budget for expensive home delivery cardio equipment or daily personal training but they will for personally tailored coaching that delivers RESULTS.⁣
He pivoted and created three distinct fitness brands all stemming from his award-winning competition prep online fitness company, Hammer Fitness.⁣
Consulting with his top employees, Rima Kamra, Lexie Ward, and Jase Stevens, the four power houses accomplished the successful and fiercely popular tertiary brands Lady theFUp and MantheFUp all under KAMRAS unique guidance.⁣
Amer Kamra
Each separate corporation is specialized to a different demographic so as to avoid any overlap. While other traditional gyms were having to close their doors permanently, Kamra and his team saw enormous growth throughout the 2020 pandemic. ⁣
“We managed to explode all three brands and grow in several untapped markets under Hammer Fitness. Maybe competitions will come back, maybe not. I see the future more inline with everyday people wanting extraordinary results. And that’s what we deliver.”⁣
This is no surprise coming from a guy (with zero help from a coach) who turned pro at age 22 as the youngest fitness model in the world. ⁣
AMER has been on over a dozen magazine covers including Physique Magazine, The Barbell Box and Limitless Magazine.

Nipun Anand an ace supply-chain professional catering solutions to thousands of companies in more than 164 Nations

Nipun Anand

Nipun Anand is a young man from Delhi who is currently ruling the supply chain industry by catering effective cargo services in more than 164 nations. Son of Mr. Panna Anand who is a self-made man in the transport industry, he was able to transform his family business to supply chain and airlines. His journey from trucks to airlines has been incredible and he was able to set trends in the business world making everyone feel proud about him. Nipun is the director of Zeal Global Group and has gained a good success in the cargo industry.

His journey in the industry has been interesting and even challenging. Shifting the business of trucks to airlines was not an easy affair. His father also wanted to do something big and he first sold off all the trucks he had and then headed to Delhi to experiment in his new venture dealing with the supply chain industry. However, before heading to this industry, he first developed his construction business as a builder and developer. He made several schemes and embarked with several good quality residential projects in Gurgaon and South Delhi region. He and his father worked hard to earn big in this domain.

Nipun with his management degree from the prestigious University of Bradford now wanted to start something on his own. This is where the Cargo firm in 2012 came into existence who dealt with GSSA Cargo business. He with his banner started giving a wide range of services in Supply chain including sales, marketing and distribution. Having his base in Delhi, he developed his cargo firm called Zeal Global and expanded to different international destinations networking with many airlines companies in the world. Today he caters more than 164 nations. He has even bagged several awards for managing single handle his business.

Get ready to exeprience a new anthem of 2021 by Sohini Gosh aka Joon

Sohini Ghosh

Joon is a popular Indian singer, songwriter-lyricist, and music composer. A 16- year-old stepping into the music industry, who started her journey as a western singer-songwriter from a very early age from India.

The singer announced the news about her new song release, declaring on her social media, “This song is close to my heart & I can’t wait for you to hear it.”
Joon said that she wants to go solo and move forward to release the track on her own YouTube channel for her fans.

Fans can check out the new song of Joon on her YouTube channel.

Although the song’s title, artwork, and track details are yet to be announced.

At the age of 6, Joon started learning music and never stopped thereafter. Her father noticed her keenness towards music and made her learn Indian instruments.

Later, she lost interest in classical music and moved towards western music.
Joon has been inspired by her father to play guitar & thereafter, by her passion and potential, in just a few months, she started playing the guitar better than her father.

Her father decided to teach her at a music institute & in a short span of time, she became a professional guitarist.

Later she started working on her vocals & In less than 2 years, she became the lead singer of her school and won many trophies in various competitions everywhere. Now she has entered into this field of the music industry as a grade vocalist from the Institute of Theme Music, India.

Here’s how an employee of a multinational company Hari Soni became the boss of three firms!


Hari Soni is a name in the business world who believes not in telling everyone his plans, instead of showing them the results. A sheer professional, who dared to leave her shining career for living his dreams of an entrepreneur, is an example today for hundreds of budding businessmen.

After completing his education at Rajasthan University, Hari Soni joined a multinational company Genpact. His sharp business skills and sheer dedication helped the company reaching new heights. 

Despite having a clear mind of doing his own business, Hari Soni gave himself more time to settle down in the industry. He joined another giant Aircel Ltd and gave his six years. The trust between him and the company was commendable and he was awarded many times with the employee of the month and year award.

He joined another company but by this time he was prepared to chase his dreams and he floated his own company Kishu Enterprise. After establishing his maiden firm, he launched KKHS Buildhomes Pvt Ltd to cement his foot in the real estate sector. He also launched a new company KKHS Media Pvt Ltd. He aims to make a name by opening a renowned media house, widely covering all the news publishing platforms, including digital, print, and electronic.

A die-hard believer of the line – “Trust the timing of your life”, Hari Soni never takes any decision in a hurry and for the same reason, he is among the top successful entrepreneurs of the present times. He believes in not taking any shortcuts and for the same reason, despite having adequate resources to start his own business, he worked as an employee for years.

When asked about how he decided to shift from a job seeker to a job giver, Hari said, “I was always keen to be my own boss. Not in any egoistic way but I love to follow my own decisions and take full responsibility for what I do. Even when I was doing a job, I never ran away from my responsibilities and my long career of almost 8 years is an example of it.”

Was it tough to shift from job to business, Hari said, “No it was not. Doing business was always in my mind but I just wanted to give myself time. I drilled the industry by remaining in the job and then I started my business. I was, till then, aware of all the challenges of the industry and I was prepared for it.”

Hari Soni stands a perfect example to all those who say that it is not easy for an employee to run his own business. With foolproof planning, honesty and dedication once can reach any horizons he chooses form himself

Ace entrepreneur Nipun Anand becomes the top businessman of the country

Nipun Anand
Nipun Anand

Entrepreneurship refers to the act of starting a new venture or initiating an out of the box development in an already established organisation or social entity. Entrepreneurship is the channel through which the creativity of the employees can be garnered to conceive and launch a new business that is separate from the parent company but leverages on its assets, capabilities and resources. Such ace name in the business world is of Nipun Anand. An ace businessman who has changed the phase of the Indian entrepreneurship.

Having booming business ideas in today’s world, and it’s not only used as a source of increasing ones profit but also helping others, also it has become a tool for people to know what is happening around the world. To understand the business well with a wider knowledge and executing without much investment. Nipun Anand from New Delhi studied at University of Bradford.

He is the cofounder of a GSSA company called Zeal Global services. Nipun is continuously working towards bringing a revolutionary change in the cargo industry by developing novel logistics solutions. His company has also won a number of awards and recognitions across the globe.

It would also turn as a surprise to his fans to know that Nipun is a cricket lover and enjoys playing cricket with friends and family. He also has corporate cricket team in Zeal where they conduct multiple tournaments to play cricket in Delhi and Mumbai.

Nipun also being a responsible citizen believes in contributing for the betterment of the society henec providing a helping hand to the one in need. Distribution of food shelters clothes to the one in need is majorly the organizations concern. Zeal foundation has actively helped the poor to fight against the novel coronavirus.

Indian actor Akshay Aruku gains popularity for his craft

Akshay Aruku
Akshay Aruku

Akshay Aruku from Karnataka who is only 20 years old started his acting career through short films which was written as well as directed by him. Having a vision in mind to become the top actor of the country, Akshay took up acting enhancing his acting abilities and polish his skills practicing for days and nights.

Truly a self made actor Aruku with no big daddy in the industry is a self made actor at such a young age. Leaving no stone unturned Akshay always worked hard towards his acting. Practicing voice modulations and angles of acting he soon got noticed for his work and started getting good offers from the industry.
Akshay has been a part of many projects including shooting for videos consisting moral messages which also got good recognition.

Akshay has played a vital role and catched the eyes of the audience from his many works.
He also took up digital marketing to get a better understanding of the industry. There after is flooded with offers and there is no looking back ever since. Aruku has achieved a commendable name in the film industry. Akshay in order to get into the skin of his character used to practice for hours in front of the mirror.

With more than 6 years of experience Akshay is an all rounder not only having an experience in acting but also in directing, script writing, fixing camera angles and shots. Learning most of his acting skills from watching movies and series lying his major interest in the series world. When asked about his acting skills he responded saying, “My main aim is to be an actor but I would love to work in series alot. Not to forget that I am so fan of series and movies. I believe in learning the things on our own and experiencing it.” Akshay Aruku soon will be venturing from South Indian Films to Bollywood films and will be making his bollywood debut later this year.

Vivek Patni is an inspiration for young and budding entrepreneurs

Vivek Patni
Vivek Patni

There is no single absolute profile on who can turn out to be an entrepreneur. As we know successful entrepreneurs arise in different gender, race, ages, and income levels. Most successful entrepreneurs have certain personal attributes in common. They include determination, leadership, flexibility, creativity, self-confidence, passion, and ‘smarts’. One such name of an ace entrepreneur is Vivek Patni.

Vivek Patni who is 28 completed his schooling in Udaipur and persuaded his higher studies in the UK. Vivek only thought about success and kept his mind focused. He just followed a simple mantra to succeed by having a simple but effective realizable plan. A good planning plus sticking to it is really an admirable act that any entrepreneur should do and succeed.

Patni is registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA). He is also the director of branding, communications and marketing at Wonder Cement.
His business has it’s core, it has a mind-set-a way of thinking and acting. He is all about imagining new ways to solve problems and create value. Vivek possess a high need for achievement and a high internal locus of control.

Vivek Patni being a successful businessman is also a philanthropist always thinking about the betterment of the country. He also initiated the Swatch Jal Sabka Haq campaign to provide drinking water to the drought affected areas across Rajasthan, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. He also started the Wonder Cricket Academy in Udaipur and the Wonder Cement Saath7 Cricket Mahotsav. His initiatives like Swachhata Dal and Swachhata Prerak, reduced sanitation and hygiene issues in India.

Vivek Patni is truly an inspiration for the youth of the country who believes in achieving their dreams and contributing for the betterment of the nation. A true businessman and philanthropist who also has been awarded with Shan-e-Rajasthan. Kudos for all his achievements and contributions making the country proud.