The last moments of Gandhi bharatbala’s new short Film “The Assassination of Mahatma Gandhi” on YouTube

The last moments of Gandhi bharatbala’s new short Film “The Assassination of Mahatma Gandhi” on YouTube

The father of our nation Mahatma Gandhi who settled out with british without violence and war, got murdered by his own country man ‘Nathuram Godse’.Gandhiji was assassinated on 30th January 1984 in the Birla house,Delhi.

On 30th April 1931, Gandhiji gave his first Interview On Indian Television. The first question was asked by the British reporter, 1. What if England doesn’t listen to your demands, Will you return to Jail again? Gandhiji Replied, I am always ready to go into the jail. 2. Would you die for the freedom of your country? Gandjiji replied , It is a bad question.

A six year old Sarla Mehta who stayed in the Sabarmati Ashram with Gandhiji is now 93 year-old lives in Mumbai was her son and grand childeren.She revealed that ‘Gandhiji treated all of us like our own father, never made us feel lonely’ If anyone do mistake, he never shout but try to make them realise softly and that child himself say, yes it is my mistake.

V.Kalyanam the personal secretary of gandhiji says, “Through love Mahatma won hearts of British people”. He further says, “He wanted Human to live in peace, he wanted whole world to live in peace.He never used harsh words against britishers. He loved them and requested them, ‘This is our country’, They accepted, Yes, it’s your country, we will leave it. No one can born like him every year or any. We have to wait for another 2000 years to see a man like him.”

Gandhiji that stood in favor of Pakistan and he said,”I will be on Hunger strike, I Will Die, and help them by giving Rs 55 crore thats when I will break my Hunger strike.

After five months of Independence, “If I’m to die by the bullet of a mad man, I must do so smiling. God must be in my heart and on my lips. And if anything happens, you are not to shed a single tear.”Said by Gandhiji on 28th January 1948.

Sarlaji revealed what actually happened on 30th January, She says, “Bapu on that day,staying at Birla house. He was in coversation with Sardar Vallabhai Patel. Due to this coversation, from the usual prayer timingd,he got delayed by 10 minutes.Bapu was never late for his prayers meetings,we were all with him, Me, Pyarelal, Sushila Behn, Abha and Manu. We all hurried with him”.

V.Kalyanam said, “In the begining of the prayers a Police inspector came to me and ask everyone to check pockets, I said stand far but you can’t search the pockets. You have to ask Gandhi for permission, I asked him, he said No. They can stay away and see but they were not allowed to check whether the gun is there or not in everyones pocket. Later, Inspector general came and he said “sir, your life is in danger”,your safety is our duty. We have to check everyones pocket, Gandhiji said no, “My life is in hands of god, if god wants to take me away, he will take me away even if you search for”.

Sarla said, “A man came to take blessings of Bapu, the moment he bent down to touch his feet, Manu said Bapu is getting late get out of the way. He pushed Manu aside and came forward with the revolver in the hand, he swiftly shot three bullet in Gandhiji’s body in a fraction of seconds we didn’t understand what happened in a seconds. Bapu breathed the word ‘Hey Ram’and fell down dying instantneously.

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