‘Fastey Fasaatey’ Actor Arpit Chaudhary’s ‘Bimbadevi alias Yashodhara’ Left An Indelible Impression On The Critics

Arpit Chaudhary is making headlines these days thanks to his latest film, ‘Fastey Fasaatey’. Besides this, he has been giving us critically acclaimed performances in films like ‘Bimbadevi Alias Yashodhara’ and ‘Evening Shadows’. While the first one was an international project, ‘Evening Shadows’ was a film which catapulted him into the hearts of audiences. His Sri Lankan film ‘Bimbadevi alias Yashodhara’ has been receiving a lot of international acclaim. His performance has been loved by critics and fans alike. For the uninitiated, Arpit plays the biopic of Prince Siddharth, Gautam Buddha and Sumedh in the film. It released in cinemas in Sri Lanka on April 26 last year and remained there till August 9, 2018. This movie turned out to be a blockbuster there and ran for 106 days. It’s a rare feat, which the movie has managed to achieve, and the lion’s share of the praise has to be credited to Arpit. Talking of Arpit, he is making mark one after the other. His recently released, ‘Fastey Fasaatey’ is one of the best coming-of-age stories we have seen in recent times. The songs from the film became chartbusters on social media and people are still going gaga over them. People have been pouring in their love for the film and have been liking the songs very much. Even after a couple of weeks of release, there is still an enormous buzz around the film.

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