Bollywood’s ace director Parvez Numarry to introduce the largest media service in India

Parvez Numarry a top producer, social activist and a philanthropist has changed the phase of the film industry with his delightful direction skills. Also he owns a new jersey real estate company in usa facetime pictures llc

Having an eye of the tiger recognising the talent and giving tremendous opportunities Parvez not supporting nepotism has always given the deserving a chance to prove themselves.

Being a magnate and a business daft Parvez soon will be introducing the largest media service in India. Challenging the US market digitally consisting of astounding content.

Sources say that “the launch of the same will be giving tremendous competitions to Netflix, Amazon prime, Hotstar etc”

Surely! We just can’t wait to witness the booming of the Indian market in the digital world. Wonder what surprise will it be getting along with!

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