Meet The Man behind Million Smiles: Harshdeep Ahuja

“Creativity Sans Border” Yes, Harshdeep Ahuja proved it right! Ever wondered a Software Engineer can be an outstanding Comedian? Meet Mr. Harshdeep Ahuja, a man who plays multiple roles in reel life. We got the opportunity to sneak into his life and yes, we were amazed to know that even a software engineer can entertain us with unmatched humor.

Harshdeep is a Software Engineer by profession and a comedian by passion. He did his schooling from Adarsh Public School, Vikaspuri and completed his engineering from Guru Tegh Bahadur Institute of Technology, IP University Delhi. Harshdeep used to be an average student but somehow completed his degree and got placed in an IT company in 2013.

During those days, Harshdeep caught with jaundice and was on sick leave. So he tried making videos out of boredom and posted on his FB timeline just for sake of entertainment.  Amazed by his video skills and humor, his friends motivated him to post them on various social media platforms. Harshdeep alone did all the roles in video like recording & editing, acting in videos and playing multiple roles. In a very short span of time, Harshdeep received tremendous appreciation and caught everyone’s eye.

Harshdeep feels that his parents were one of the main reasons why he opt in video making as his parents gave a nice response to his videos and felt that public could easily connect to it.

His videos are in simple Punjabi slang which easily attracts the public. The vines are not only famous in India but also throughout the world. His friends have been a great support to him along with his parents, be it in making videos or helping him through recording, editing, sharing as well as posting.

What left us amazed was that this man, Harshdeep is a shy person in real life. Even after portraying variety of roles at one time and entertaining people with his perfect comic sense, Harshdeep is actually a shy person, says his parents & family. He actually sets a perfect example for people who cannot follow their passion.

Harshdeep says, “Spreading smile on those gleaming faces who watch my videos is the ultimate satisfaction.” He manages time through his hectic schedule as an engineer and finds time to make videos for his immense followers. Harshdeep is trending on YouTube with whopping 661k Subscribers.

His videos are amazing source of entertainment. All the videos are in simple Punjabi as well as very well depicted that the audience just can’t stop loving and liking the videos. He thinks his expressions are his USP. He tries to play with expressions along with the sound effects which are a rare thing in this genre. Harshdeep plays all the characters in the videos and the audience loves his versatility.

With so much hustle-bustle in our lives, these comic videos are source of entertainment and help diverting us from hard reality of life and provide a refreshing edge to life.

Well, unlike Harshdeep. How many of us follow our passion and make our dream come true? Even after being a successful engineer, Harshdeep takes out time for his interest so why not you? It’s only to manage our time schedules and travel that extra mile to follow your dreams. There is no other motivation than self-motivation.

Hats off Harshdeep! Keep us smiling with your incredible videos!






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