Business tycoon Federico Bellezza becomes the business magnate for the masses

Federico Bellezza from Italy has a degree in management and has done his masters in International economy and politics. Federico always had a thing for luxury and finest beasts like yachts, supercars, jets etc.

Following his passion Federico is working on his brand ‘Supernova’ that steps the idea of creating accessories that enhances the personality and charms who wears them through a unique and distinctive look.

Leaving no stone unturned Federico took is business to the moons with such enormous ideas and executions also turning the evaluation of his business to the next level.

Having his degree in international economy and politics Federico does has thorough knowledge about the ongoing market world. Having such a unique idea and building a brand based on his passion Federico’s ‘Supernova’ is considered to be one of the leading brands of its kind.

Federico Bellezza has been associated with associated number of brands like Oliver Peoples( sunglasses of Adam Levine), Pretty Green(Liam Gallagher clothing label),Bettinardi(Golf Putters) and many more.

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